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At Jacor Construction, we believe that the safest projects are the most productive and successful projects. We comply with OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) and other regulatory authorities’ rules and standards to promote a safe environment for everyone involved in our projects. Our field superintendents and project managers utilize exceptional safety strategies and communication skills to implement a safe and healthy job site. We strive to achieve an incident-free atmosphere every time we commence work on a project.

project scheduling & Cost Control

If you have worked in the construction field before, you have likely heard the phrase “on time and under budget.” Here at Jacor we make every effort to provide our clients with an accurate timeline, as well as controlling the costs of each aspect of the project at hand. We understand that creating and sticking to a schedule, as well as communication of these plans, are some of the key factors to a successful job.


At Jacor Construction we pride ourselves on providing clients with the quality craftsmanship they deserve. Delivering a final product the client and everyone involved can be proud of is one of our main goals as your general contractor. From our project managers to our skilled laborers and administrative staff, we are dedicated to present every client with superior workmanship. Quality over quantity has never rung more than it does here at Jacor.

project management & supervision

Our experienced project managers and superintendents work as the primary point of contact for clients during all phases of a project. From breaking ground, to final inspections and ribbon cutting, our team always has your best interest in mind, every step of the way. Equipped with exceptional communication skills and the determination to make any project, no matter the size or timeless, as painless as can be.

waste & Recycling management

Did you know that a vast majority of construction materials are recyclable? Not only can we help preserve the planet by taking appropriate measures to properly recycle materials from construction sites, but it can also save you money in the long run! Construction may not be “eco-friendly” by nature but we are Jacor Construction make sure to take the necessary steps to creating a successful waste management and recycling plan for all of our clients.


Passing inspections is one of, if not the most important parts of bringing a project to completion. It can be daunting for many construction companies but not for us at Jacor Construction. We take every preliminary action necessary to assure every job passes inspection on schedule.





If you have any questions regarding a special service that you do not see listed, or have a question about a project, please feel free to contact us and one of our helpful staff members will be sure to get in contact with you right away. We thank you for taking the time to view our list of construction services and look forward to working with you in the future.

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